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Crave Naturals is looking for bloggers to review 5 products:
– Blemish and blackhead removal kit
– Professional cuticle nipper
– Glass nail files (set of 5)
– Newly designed eyelash curler
– Green detangling brush

1. As a blogger we ask that only apply to test products you have an interest in blogging about and sharing on social media such as youtube, instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest.

2. We are asking that you test the product and email us if there are any issues with the product. Our goal is to provide quality products that customers are excited about.

3. As in the past, bloggers will be given a coupon code to obtain the product off of amazon. You will receive free shipping if you are prime members. If you are not a prime member, you will be responsible to cover shipping costs which are around $5-6.

4. We would appreciate if you left a non bias review on amazon about your experience with the product.

5. Please note that we only have a select number of units we will be offering for review. If you are not chosen at this time, we will be in contact with you in the future.

6. Bloggers must apply no later than August 28 2015.

*** If you have already reviewed any of the products listed below, please do not apply for that product ***

We will be in touch with bloggers within the next week.

Click here to apply to review our new products.