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Get Followers!


Your blog needs readers, subscribers and social media followers.  Trust me, it needs this.  As soon as you start your blog, you should sign up with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google +, You Tube and any other that you would like a following on.  But the ones I listed are the major ones.

So you set up your blog, and your social media channels, and they all sit there with 1 follower (you), right?  Here are some tips to get followers and readers.

  • Use catchy blog post titles.  No one clicks on boring titles.  Share on your personal FB page to your own friends (if you are comfortable doing that).  People like to share interesting and funny stories.
  • Have a widget on your blog that allows readers to subscribe to your newsletters.  A pop-up that everyone sees when they first enter your blog is a great way to get them to sign up too.  Although some people find it annoying, so do what works best for you.  Personally, I have a pop-up on my main blog and it works well.Email Newsletters & Email Marketing by YMLP.com
  • Make sure you send out regular emails/newsletters to your subscribers.  Once a month is perfect.  There are a lot of sites that let you send bulk emails for free, just be sure to know your limits.  There are a lot of bulk mailing programs and sites out there, and I have tried the majority of them.  I have found Your Mailing List Provider, to be the best. Be careful, because if your readers don’t recognize your newsletter or remember signing up, they will mark your email as SPAM, and if you get too many SPAM complaints, most mailing providers will shut your site down immediately, and you do not get a refund.   I have never had this issue with Your Mailing List Provider, and I love the stats and reports functions, so you can see how many clicked, who clicked what links, and more.
  • Running giveaways on your blog is a HUGE way to get followers on your social media channels, and readers to sign up for your newsletter.  If you do product reviews, a lot of the companies may offer to sponsor a giveaway and will ship the winner their prize.  YOU WANT TO DO THIS!  Who doesn’t love winning free stuff?  Set up a giveaway through GiveawayTools or Rafflecopter (both are free) and set up the giveaway so everyone who enters has to view your Facebook page (you can’t require they like your page, due to new Facebook rules), but you can ask them to visit your FB page, and a lot of them will like it anyways.  Also set up your other social media channels and you can require they like those, or you can require they sign up for your newsletter, and so on.   Don’t forget to have people like/visit the sponsor’s social media channels as well.
  • Make sure you post regularly on all of your social media channels.  Interact with your readers and followers.  Follow other sites, and interact with them as well.  DON’T SPAM their pages though (as in asking them to like you back), this will likely get you reported.
  • Comment on other blog’s pages.  A lot of blogs have the option to enter your blog URL when you comment – do that, it will link back to your site and that’s good for your SEO as well as letting others click on it to find your blog.  If you use WordPress, try the CommentLuv plugin for your blog.
  • Always use photos in your blog. Photos get the most clicks.  If you have WordPress, install the “Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover And After Post & Page Content” plugin.  This will make all of your photos easily pinnable to Pinterest.  Pinterest is huge, don’t miss out on this one!
  • YouTube.  I cannot stress how important this is.  Upload videos whenever possible, whether it’s doing reviews, or posting something that is relevant to your blog.  People like watching videos.  Remember that Google Adsense account I told you to sign up for?  You will utilize that with your YouTube account.  Monetize your YouTube videos, using your Google Adsense account number. That’s all there is to it. When you monetize your videos, anyone who clicks on your video will see one of those annoying ads – I’m sure you are familiar with them. And yes, I know they are annoying, but you get paid for them.  So add them to your videos.  It can bring in a nice chunk of income every month, because Google adds your Google Adsense earnings to your YouTube monetized videos and sends you one big payment for both combined.  Cha-ching!
  • Join Facebook Group pages for bloggers.   The information you’ll find here is invaluable.  There are also lots of other bloggers looking for other bloggers to join their giveaway – which means you can get a lot of followers by joining their giveaways.