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google adsense imageGoogle Adsense ads are pretty much everywhere. These are the ads you see on almost every website you are on.  They use cookies, which means if you were recently doing a search for guitars – for example, then a lot of the Google ads that show up will be for music stores, or guitar products.  So the ads that show up will be different for every person.  These are great ads to have on your site, because they entice the reader to click on them.  And you get paid for every click!  The more readers you have, the more clicks you’ll get, and the more money your Adsense Ads will bring in.

I have them in a few places in all of my blogs.  If you have a WordPress blog that is self-hosted, I recommend a plugin such as “Awesome Ads”.  But first, you will need to open an Adsense account with Google.

It’s very simple.  Just visit Adsense.Google.Com, and sign up for an account.

To get the HTML for an ad, click on My Ads, and then +New Ad Unit.  Choose the size of the ad you want (I recommend Responsive Automatic Size).

Then just click on the Save & Get Code button at the bottom, and enter that html code wherever you want a Google Ad to show up in your blog.

adsense ads

Google does have a $100 payment threshold, which means you won’t get paid until you have at least $100 in earnings.  Once you build up at least $100 in earnings, you will get paid the following month.  I get paid around the 21st of every month for my previous month’s earnings.  You also do need to enter checking account information, because they direct deposit your earnings into your checking account.

A couple of important notes to consider:

  • Do not use Google Ads if you have an adult themed website or sell any adult themed products.  They will shut your account down on you.
  • Never, ever, click on your own Google Ads.  Google has a way of knowing if you are clicking on your own ads, and they can and will close down your account if you are caught clicking on your own ads, and you will probably never be able to use Adsense ads again.