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For anyone who has RFE Hosting and is looking to switch to a new host, due to their never-ending issues and downtime, I’ve made this very easy tutorial on how to change your DNS nameservers to point to your new host.

I will say, that I switched to HostWinds – they had all 3 of my sites up and running in less than 2 hours, and they did all the work.  The only thing I had to do, was go into my registrar’s site (the site you purchased your domain from) and change the nameservers to point to my new host.  And when you go with a new host, they will tell you what to change the nameservers to.

For anyone who needs help doing this, here’s an easy step-by-step:

STEP 1:  Log into your RFE site, and click on MY DOMAINS.

Click on the wrench icon next to the domain you need to edit.


STEP2:  On the next page, it should look something like this.  Click the link at the bottom that says “Change the nameservers your domain points to”.


STEP3:  Click on the button that says “Use Custom nameservers (enter below)”, and then change the Nameserver1 and Nameserver2 to whatever your new host gave you.

Click the blue button at the bottom that says “Change Nameservers” and voila! You are done.   It does take time for the site to propogate, they say up to 48 hours, but mine were up later that day.