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get paid for blog posts

Sponsored posts are blog posts you get paid for posting.   There are a lot of companies out there who will ask you to blog about a certain product or topic, and pay you to post about it.  What you can earn per post will depend on how many readers, subscribers and followers you have on your blog and social media channels.  And many will ask you to prove it.  And to prove it, you will need to get Google Analytics on your site.  Google Analytics will tell you how many people visited your site, how many unique visits, where they came from, the demographics of your readers and all that good stuff that companies want to know about.   So one of the first things you should do when you start your blog is to visit Analytics.Google.com.  Sign up (it’s free) and get the html code and add it to your site.  You may also want to find a Google Analytics plugin if you use WordPress.

Here are some sites I use regularly for sponsored posts:

Linqia:  Linqia’s campaigns typically run 2-3 weeks at a time, and they pay you per click.  They go by your Google Analytics & Social Media channels to decide how many clicks you are likely to get and give you a budget. They pay within 7 days after the end of the campaign via Paypal.  Some requirements though:

  • Your primary channel is a blog, forum or community.
  • Have 1,000+ visitors or followers on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Demonstrate healthy engagement from members.
  • Focused on “Parenting” or “Home & Garden”.
  • The audience is primarily based in North America.

BlogPaws:  This is one of my favorite sites ever.  First, you have to blog about your pets on your blog.  It doesn’t have to be the main thing you blog about, as long as you talk about pets occasionally on your blog.  Although, the more you talk about your pets on your blog, the better your chances for getting a campaign.  We have 6 dogs, so I blog about them a lot, as they offer lots of material for me to talk about!  I’ve received campaigns that pay from $75 up to over $500 through this site.

BestBuy: Best Buy is another one of my favorites.  They have campaigns all year long, and they are so easy.  They do only pay you with Best Buy gift cards, but you typically earn $100 or more per post.  These gift cards paid for a brand new stainless steel fridge, a brand new grill, and lots of other awesome things in my house I bought from Best Buy with my gift cards!   They do sometimes ask you to review a product and your payment is getting that product for free, but most pay with a gift card.

CleverGirlsCollective / Fanny Network: Sign up with this site and you will receive about one email a week with new campaigns to apply for.  I’ll tell you this though – it’s very difficult to get a campaign through them, so be patient.  Keep applying for campaigns that interest you.  They do pay well though if you get a campaign.  Typically $150 or more.

Massive Sway / SITS Girls:  This site is very similar to the Clever Girls Collective I posted above.  They will send you an email about once a week with new campaigns you can apply for, and it’s difficult to get a campaign through them, so just keep applying for campaigns you are interested in. They also do pay well for campaigns – usually $150 or more.

Moms With Voices Media Network: They offered sponsored posts, affiliate promotions and reviews / giveaways.  Their sponsored posts are typically $25 and very easy (for example, write a post about drunk driving, and link back to a certain site).   They have a lot of things going on, and I get about one email every few weeks from them.

Global Influence:  Very simple sign-up form, and I typically get a couple of emails a month asking me to fill out a simple survey to see if I’m interested in a certain campaign.  If you fit the bill, they email you the details.

Socialite:  This is a new site and I just recently signed up with them, but haven’t done any campaigns for them yet.  Will keep you updated once I have more information.  But it’s still worth it to sign up.