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So.. I just received an invitation to join this new site – called BondsWell.

According to the email, this is why you want to join:

  • Promote your blog, artwork and expertise in a new, fun way and get traffic sent back to you
  • Create a story with text; clip art; and images of events, crafts & places that you recommend
  • Share your reviews, tips & tricks, ideas, stories directly to your blog and social media sites
  • Purchase products based on personal recommendations in your chosen community
  • And, it’s free

I signed up because I’m one of those who likes to jump on something early in case it turns out to be something good.  Definitely going to be looking into this a little deeper.  It’s free though, and you can only get in by invite.  So if you want me to send you an invite, join the BHB group page and look for the post about BondsWell and comment your email address, or send me a message through FB.  Or, if you’re feeling really daring, comment your email address below.